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The Facts On File Dictionary of Evolutionary Biology
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  • Authored by: Elizabeth Owen and Eve Daintith
  • From the Series: Science Dictionary
  • Trim Size: 6 x 9
  • ISBN-10: 0816049246
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-8160-4924-0
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  • List Price: $49.50
  • Imprint: Facts On File
  • Published: 10/01/2003
  • Dewey Number: 576.8
  • Reading Level: Grades 9 and up
  • Pages: 256


The Facts On File Dictionary of Evolutionary Biology explains the basic set of scientific terms, concepts, and issues at the heart of evolutionary biology. With heredity and evolution being a key section of the high school AP course in biology, making up 25 percent of the content, this exceptionally clear dictionary is a valuable reference for high school and undergraduate students. It provides quick access to more than 1,800 concise, authoritative definitions that will help students gain a stronger understanding of the subject.

The volume's comprehensive coverage includes terms relating to the origin of life and the evidence and mechanisms of evolution, such as natural selection, heredity, and speciation. It also covers evolution in relation to the diversity of living organisms, including the terms used in phylogenetic classifications, evolutionary relationships, and relevant aspects of developmental biology as well as aspects of the modern "evo/devo" school of biology. Appendixes include classification of plants and animals and a list of websites.

Entries include:

  • Acclimatization
  • Biosystematics
  • Carboniferous
  • Darwin's finches
  • Fossil record
  • Genetic drift
  • Genotype
  • Karyotype
  • Lamarckism
  • Obsidian Pool
  • Quantitative inheritance
  • Sewall Wright effect
  • Symbiosis
  • Taxonomy
  • and more.


More than 40 black-and-white line illustrations. Appendixes. Bibliography. Cross-references.

About the Author(s)

Elizabeth Owen studied biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Oxford. She has contributed to a number of reference works including The Facts on File Dictionary of Biochemistry and the 11th edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary.

Eve Daintith studied zoology and geology at Cardiff University. A teacher of biology for many years, she is now a full-time editor and writer specializing in biology. She has edited and contributed to a large number of reference books including the Larousse Encyclopedia and The Facts on File Dictionary of Biology.

Reviews and Awards

"...straightforward, yet very informative."

"Useful as a reliable quick reference for basic evolutionary concepts and biological terms, this volume also includes many brief biographies. A good choice for school, smaller college, and public libraries."
Library Journal

"Definitions are clearly written...An up-to-date, compact, well-designed basic reference source. Recommended."

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