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Jamaican Americans
  • Authored by: Heather A. Horst and Andrew Garner, Series Editor: Robert D. Johnston
  • From the Series: The New Immigrants
  • Trim Size: 6-1/2 x 9-1/4
  • ISBN-10: 0791087905
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7910-8790-9
  • Status: In Stock
  • List Price: $30.00
  • Imprint: Chelsea House
  • Published: 01/01/2007
  • Dewey Number: 305.896
  • Reading Level: Grades 6-12
  • Pages: 144


From Colin Powell to former NBA star Patrick Ewing and Grammy Award winner Harry Belafonte, Jamaican Americans have made important contributions to American society. Drawing on personal stories and historical fact, this fresh, full-color book focuses on this dynamic people and assesses their lasting impact. Three Jamaican characteristics—a passion for music, a respect for religion, and a tradition of travel and migration—are interwoven throughout this new full-color book to help convey how these immigrants have been able to preserve their rich culture in the United States.


Full-color photographs. Feature boxes. Sidebars. Chronology/Timeline. Study questions. Footnotes. Bibliography. Further reading. Glossary. Index.

About the Author(s)

Heather A. Horst is a postdoctoral scholar at the Institute for the Study of Social Change, University of California, Berkeley. She worked as a teaching assistant at a rural primary school in Jamaica and has studied Jamaican migration, return migration, and transnationalism.

Andrew Garner is an honorary research associate at Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom. His postdoctoral research on environmental conflicts in a marine park in Jamaica entailed spending a year with Jamaican fisherman.

Introduction by series editor Robert D. Johnston, associate professor of history at the University of Illinois, Chicago

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